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We are a small computer software and networking services company. Our organization provides customized, reliable implementations and support to small and medium sized companies.

Our clients come to us by referral. We appreciate their loyalty and do our best to ensure a qualitative difference. We offer support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year without extra charges or delay. Meeting our client’s requirements and expectations is important to our continued success.

Our rate schedule is as follows:
– On-site consultation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance - $175/Hr
– Remote troubleshooting & maintenance - $150/Hr
– Bench maintenance and/or configuration - $125/Hr

We do not provide service/support contracts. Service priorities and schedules are provided on a somewhat arbitrary evaluation of impact to client operations, versus those of other clients with queued requests. Additionally, please see the Parameters section for information on warranties and disclaimers.

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